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Canadian Government to Introduce First-Ever Internet Control Bill

David McLoone - - (Apr 27, 2021)

"People will see what will be in the bill once it is tabled," commented Canada's heritage minister.

(Ottawa, Ontario) — [] In a legislative first, the Canadian government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is introducing a bill that will censor the internet for its own citizens. The bill proposes to ban "hate speech," including "hurtful" language against politicians. (Image: Pixabay)

Canada's Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault said Monday that the bill will be considered in Parliament within the next fortnight during a videoconference with the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. The legislation, if successful, will force social media platforms to remove content deemed harmful almost immediately. "Once a publication is flagged it will have to be taken down within 24 hours of having it being flagged," Guilbeault confirmed. Compliance with hate speech removal orders will be policed by a newly established regulatory body. Failure of tech companies to censor content could result in financial penalties, according to a report in iPolitics. "My job is to ensure the safety and security of the Canadian population. That's what I'm here for," Guilbeault declared as he unveiled the censorship bill. "I think it's going to be a really good remedy to a number of problems, but it won't solve everything. One of the issues I've learned, looking at different models, is you shouldn't try to tackle everything from the get-go," he said... Continue reading here. Click Here For More Information...

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