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I have studied the scriptures full time for decades, and what I have done with most of my life is to

Lisa Dennis-Sparks

I have studied the scriptures full time for decades, and what I have done with most of my life is to pursue God.....FOR REAL. I can tell you what I have learned about God that is FOR REAL. First, and most importantly......HE IS REAL. He is God Almighty inside a human body, and His Name is Jesus Christ. He was crucified and resurrected 2000 years ago - but He is still alive even today. He is immortal, and lives forever.....time without end. Second, and just as important.......HE LOVES US. We are safe in His hands. He came and died for us to prove His love for us, and someone who would die for you is not someone you need to fear. He is our Father, and He loves us. We have nothing to fear from Him except being ashamed of ourselves for not trusting Him. God is a wonderful, patient, loving Father to His Own children. I have learned that THIS IS A RACE in a virtual world where every detail is pre-written and designed to teach us, test us, challenge us, and bring sufferings as we acquire the knowledge of good and evil. Crowns and rewards are involved, and there is a prize at the end. This is a RACE.....Our Father is not going to destroy us over the results of a race. He loves us, and came inside this world to prove to us how much. That kind of love means we are in absolutely no real danger whatsoever. THIS IS A VIRTUAL WORLD. We are safe and sound outside of it when we leave it. The worst that can happen is that those on the broad path lose their flesh body and their soul......(the personality formed through the flesh life) and the child of God returns to the Father completely unharmed.....but mortified and ashamed for not trusting Him. Would YOU trap your own child in a virtual world and never bring them out of it again?? Of course not......neither does our Father. Understanding that the world around us is virtual is extremely important, because until you understand that concept - you can't understand that all of the children of evil are programming in this virtual world, and all of the children of God are living people who are alive and well outside of this world and we are currently being mentally projected inside it to RUN THE RACE. Our actual bodies are inside the New Jerusalem, which the scripture calls our mother. GOD DOES NOT EXTINGUISH LIFE - EVER. Jesus is the LIFE, and there is no life in the children of evil because there is no Jesus in them. That means they aren't alive - they have to be programming. God never destroys life - because HE IS LIFE. There is no life in evil or in darkness. It is all programming. This world is controlled in every detail from outside of it for our safety - just like every virtual world that man creates. How else could God guarantee us that all things work together for good for those who love Him?? It's pre-written to be that way - rigged in our favor. You can assure that in a virtual world rationally because it is pre-written. God declares the end from the beginning - the whole thing is prewritten and pre-created before we ever came inside it. The end was already determined and cannot be changed because it is a virtual world created to be exactly what it is. God tells us not to fear 365 times......because in a virtual world there is nothing REAL to fear except failure to do well in our race. If we just trust Him.......He shows us all these amazing things about the world around us, and WHY we should believe Him when He tells us something. This is a RACE......and dying is only leaving the virtual world to wait until everyone else finishes their race and we all find out our scores at the judgment, and hopefully receive crowns and rewards and the prize. We have nothing to fear from dying in a virtual world, do we?? We are still alive outside of it. It also explains resurrection and regeneration in a way we can easily understand. In a virtual world, you have a body that you leave here when you leave the virtual world. Resurrection is simply coming back into the virtual world and entering the body you left here - and God resurrects and regenerates your body with CODING inside a virtual world. You could be young again, you could have superpowers, all with changes in your coding for your body's specifications. All the cool upgrades are all coding. If you pursue TRUTH.......Jesus is the truth. If you listen to Him, He teaches you the truth, that this is a virtual world, and we have nothing to fear because we are safety in His hands at all times. Understanding that this is a virtual world takes all the pressure off, and liberates us - so we can actually understand how all this works. We can be brave for Christ, and stand confidently - knowing that He is in full control of every tiny thing that happens inside this world. We can die horrible deaths inside a virtual world and emerge outside of it totally unscathed. That is WHY you can DIE inside this world - and then stand before the King to receive crowns and rewards. Science has proven we are inside a virtual world, and the Word supports the concept. It answers all those questions that had no rational answer before technology progressed to the point where man could create his own virtual worlds. It's actually really brilliant, and makes perfect sense to me. He can get honest and real responses from us in a virtual world without actually putting us in harm's way or throwing us to the wolves to teach us. We just don't know it...... When Jesus returns, the world is going to be scared out of their wits. The antichrist will tell the world that Jesus has come to destroy them - and they are right. He is coming to wipe out all of those who are just programming - collect His own, and establish His millennial Kingdom on the earth for 1,000 years - which is the next level of the race. Those on the narrow path get to keep their body and soul - and get all the cool upgrades like super powers and immortality.....which is also just coding in a virtual world and not some mystical phenomenon. Prophecy is not is the testimony of Jesus Christ. It is HIM telling us what comes next because He designed the whole thing and knows it all from start to finish. It is HIS STORY - History. That is how He declares the end from the beginning. God told us Himself in His Word that the first thing created was His human body, and that from within it - He created all the worlds with HIS WORDS. He is saying that He created Himself a body, and then created all the virtual universe from within that body with CODING. The burning bush.......virtual flames. A bush that burns but is not consumed. The CERN says they have discovered 11 different dimensions. Those are realms, and they are transversed through portals. Hell is a realm of virtual flames that torment without consuming. A horrible place. Just consider for a moment the concept of being inside a virtual world.......and you aren't at the controls. You would be trapped inside this virtual world as long as it exists unless God brought you out of it. The BAD THING would be if you were trapped inside a virtual world without the ability to get out of it. That happens to the wicked during the tribulation period. They can't sleep, and they can't die.....and they want to die so badly. They are stuck here, trapped in this virtual world as it burns down with them in it. The mark of the beast prevents escape from the virtual world. It traps those who take it inside so they can never leave it......and they can never die. That would be horrible!!! "Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke It's not mysticism, it's technology...... I can tell you that God is better than we can even imagine.....and we CAN LOVE HIM freely with all of our hearts because He has been honest with us, died for us, and proven to us that His intentions toward us are in our best interest. I trust Him, and I believe Him......and with real good reason. It makes sense to me that this is a virtual world. It is too messed up and disappointing to be real life. LIFE is good, because Jesus is life and Jesus is good.....but this isn't real life we are living here. He came that we MIGHT HAVE LIFE......we just don't have it here. Real life is outside of this virtual world.....not inside it until Jesus comes back inside it. Look at the terminology He uses......... Israel = IS REAL (real living people inside the virtual world) Demon = DEMONstration of evil - computer generated opponents Scripture = SCRIPT from start to finish of the virtual world program. Evil = the reverse of LIVE He gives us tons of clues if we just open our eyes and pay attention.... God wouldn't tell us to prove all things if all things that are true couldn't be proven.

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