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Rhoda Gayle : Apr 29, 2021

"Hug your baby tight (no matter how old he is!)"

[] A stranger who paid for a 3-year-old boy's birthday cake left the boy's mom in tears [from] the note she left with the cake. (Image: via GOD TV)

Cameron Leigh Phillips Cameron Leigh Phillips from Memphis, Tennessee recently shared the touching experience she had. She took to Facebook to thank the stranger who made her son's birthday more meaningful. Her post quickly went viral, it now has been shared over 7,900 times, inspiring millions of people. On April 24, the mom of two boys went into a local grocery store to buy a cake for her 3-year-old son, Ridge. When she was about to pay for the cake, much to her surprise, the employees told her that the cake was already paid for by a stranger. "I went to pick up Ridge's cake today at Harps," she wrote. "They handed me my cake and proceeded to tell me that the cake was paid for and a lady comes in every year and tells them to choose a cake for her to pay for." Birthday Cake and Touching Note As Cameron received the cake, a hand-written note was left with it. Curious to know more about the kind stranger, she immediately read the note. That was when she was left in tears with the message she received. It turned out that that stranger has come in every single year for six years to pay for someone's cake. It is her way to commemorate her son's death six years ago. "Today is my son's 37th birthday, his 6th one in Heaven. In memory of him, I paid for your cake. Please enjoy, make wonderful memories, and hug your baby tight (no matter how old he is!) Love, Drew's Mom," the stranger wrote on the card. Cameron expressed her gratitude to Drew's mom on her Facebook post. She also shared that her kind gesture made her realize something that day. "I don't know who 'Drew's mom' is, but she is such a kind soul. This truly made my day and makes me appreciate my babies more today! Thank you 'Drew's Mom' for the kind gesture and for opening my eyes a little more today." Click Here For More Information...

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