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John Stonestreet - BreakPoint : Sep 10, 2021 Christian Headlines

I've been looking for resources to help teach the younger generation about 9/11. That's why I'm so excited that, this week, my friends at Drive Thru History are releasing 9/11: A Drive Thru History Special. You can watch it ... on the Drive Thru History YouTube channel or you can see it Saturday at 1 p.m. Eastern on the Breakpoint Facebook page.

[] Like many of you, I remember exactly where I was on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. I was preparing to teach a class of college freshmen on the topic of Christian worldview. Obviously, my teaching plans for that day changed, but this was a tragic example of just how much worldviews matter. (Screengrab image)

I remember the chaos and confusion. I remember thinking this had changed our world forever, and it did. This was an event of national significance, as serious as the attack on Pearl Harbor or the assassination of JFK. Yet I've talked to so many parents and grandparents over the last several months who have realized that 9/11 is not really a significant part of the story of rising generations... Continue reading here. Click Here For More Information...

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