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Do you know what anti-semitism is?? Many don't. It is a hatred for the Jewish people, the Jewish State of Israel, and for the people of God whether they are Jews or Gentiles. It is an anti-God of Abraham type of spirit.

Anyone who hates the Father, also hates the Son. Those who hate the Son and the Father, also hate the children of God - his offspring. THAT is anti-semitism.

WHO is it that hates the people of God??

All of those who are in opposition to the God of Abraham, and His Son, Jesus Christ - along with His people which biologically are the Jewish people, and including those who follow the God of Abraham, and His Son Jesus Christ among those who are not biologically of the Jewish bloodlines. Together we are all called the whole house of ISRAEL.

WHY do they hate God, and His Son, and His people??

The world is jealous because God chose them above all others. They are the only race of people God specifically gave a portion of the earth as their everlasting possession. They are biologically superior, have larger brains, and they produce over 90% percent of the world's best and brightest among the nations. They naturally dominate any field they pursue. Resentment is certain - but it is also predictive programming.

The world system we live in is designed to purposely provoke jealousy, and envy - and even hatred toward the people of God. He shows the Jewish people favor - even though they don't know Him anymore. The world doesn't think that is fair - and is designed to be provoked by the favor God shows them - even when they do wrong. Like puppets, the world and those in it respond according to the programming.

The world system doesn't comprehend the concept of GRACE...... Grace isn't is an action of LOVE.

The scriptures show that there is a spirit, which has a name - GOG, that would rise up in the end days against the people of God and infect the entire world with it's hatred of God and His people. We see that happening in the world around us today.

We support Israel BECAUSE GOD SAYS SO - and not because they are right or wrong. The law focuses on right and wrong - but Grace trumps law under the blood of Jesus Christ...... That is why no matter how much the world hates the Jews and the gentile believers, we win in the end. If God is for you, who can be against you??

Don't be a sucker for the spirit of anti-semitism or let it upset you or make you resent God's people. That's a trap, a snare. Those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse Israel will be cursed. It's that simple - so care about yourself MORE than you dislike them.....and avoid the curse of anti-semitism.....aka the spirit of GOG in the world that is bringing the coming war.

The Palestinians fight against the declaration of God that the land belongs to the Jewish people. That is why they can't win, not because they need more money, or land, or a military to fight for them. They are susceptible to the wicked spirit of Gog and bring themselves under a curse - because they have been taught from childhood that the land really belongs to them and that they should fight for it. It doesn't belong to them.......but they don't know that. Those who seek to use them as weapons against Israel have taught them a revised history to suit their purposes.

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