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Trump's Official Smithsonian Portrait Unveiled and It's Everything You Wanted It to Be

Megan Fox-Opinion - - (Apr 28, 2021)

"We are a museum that reflects art history and biography, and we are able to celebrate the presidents with portraits that are historical documents." -Dorothy Moss, Smithsonian Museum's gallery curator of painting and sculpture [] I'm not at all surprised that the official commissioned portrait of Donald Trump that will hang in the Smithsonian is dignified and full of American symbolism, but I am flabbergasted that the Washington Post said nice things about it. Maybe they just remember how hard it was to say something positive about Barack Obama's portrait, where he has a sixth finger and is sitting in some shrubbery. Remember that? (Screengrab image)

The Washington Post positively gushed over Trump's pick for the official portrait. His portrait of Trump has both artistic and historic merit, Ureña said. "I like the composition of the photograph," she said of Dukovic's image. "It is an angle we don't often see. You get a little bit of the other side and what's behind the desk." The photograph's historical details include flags along the wall representing the five branches of the armed forces, a portrait of Andrew Jackson and one of Benjamin Franklin by Joseph Duplessis that the museum loaned to the White House. These reflect Trump's interests and influences, Ureña said. The photograph was taken the day before Trump officially announced he would seek reelection, adding to its historical value, Ureña said... Continue reading here. Click Here For More Information...

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