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Welcome To Your CUBN.TV Webpage with ZERO CENSORSHIP.

We are going to tell you the matter who doesn't like it. Nobody gets to tell me what I can or cannot say, or what I can or cannot post, and I am going to be exercising my rights to speak my mind until my very last breath.

We ALL should be very concerned that the most powerful nation in the world has devolved into a banana republic that indicts a more popular political opponent. President Trump has been reported to be in good spirits, and he is not afraid of turning himself in. He is a strong and steady leader......a man who is brave, and willing to face whatever opposition he must to fight for the American People. America needs to be set free from the deep state corruption that has infested the US Government.

It is my intention to write what I am hearing out there right here as often as possible. This is a platform where we will not be censored. That is very important. We are constantly getting reprimanded and suspended on YouTube, reprimanded by Facebook, and this is our platform to speak our minds without the bullies fighting us constantly.

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