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Christa Gomez : Apr 30, 2021

"We wanted to be parents, and God went, 'Watch out what you ask for' and gave us three at once."

[] A first-time mom recorded her journey of how she got pregnant again while already pregnant with twins. So, she unexpectedly became a mom of triplets. Her rare case raised awareness as she amassed thousands of followers on her social media account. (Image source: GOD TV)

Pregnant while already pregnant Her condition is called superfetation. It is where a mother does not stop ovulating after getting pregnant. She explained, "Your hormones are supposed to stop you from ovulating [after getting pregnant]. Mine did not." 10 days after the conception of her twins, she ovulated again and conceived her third baby. Although her pregnancy did not go the way she planned, the Taming triplets' mom embraced each of her children lovingly. "We were just very, very lucky and blessed and thankful and happened just spontaneously to get pregnant with triplets," she shared. "We wanted to be parents, and God went, ‘Watch out what you ask for' and gave us three at once." Lovely triplets Doctors considered her a high-risk and advised her to stay in bed. They even told the first-time parents to consider genetic testing and selective abortion. But, they refused the medical recommendations. They held on to God and placed their trust that whatever God has started, He would finish. "We want to move forward with all three babies. No genetic testing, no selective reduction," she said. "We pray and hope the babies are going to be healthy... Even if they did have an issue, we are going to love them no matter what." Then at 29-weeks, the Taming triplets were born. Their mom had to undergo an emergency c-section but, Vivienne, Georgina, and Ivy were all delivered well. The Taming couple asks for more prayers as the triplets are taking their time to get stronger in NICU. But, they believed that the babies would soon be home as they have been warriors since day one. Click Here For More Information...

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